Predictive Apps for Business Acceleration

Insights: The big data predictive actions platform that enables API-powered predictive apps. Using predictive apps built on Insights, enterprises can rapidly anticipate and adapt to the needs of each customer.

  • Predict the needs of each customer by applying sophisticated real-time predictive
    analytics on fine-grained customer, product interaction, and machine data
  • Act on the insights with individualized interactions across all channels
  • Increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction


Telco and Retail

Insights enables telecommunications service providers and retailers to maximize customer satisfaction and retention and grow revenues and profits.

Customer Care

Increase customer satisfaction and retention by precisely identifying at-risk customers before they are likely to churn or complain.

Go beyond traditional CRM and contact-center interaction data to predict and uncover factors affecting customer satisfaction.

  • Better understand each customer’s satisfaction level
  • Identify root causes early that are impacting satisfaction
  • Monitor and manage customer outreach program and campaigns
  • Empower customer care agents with contextual information to better anticipate and serve customer needs


Improve customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell, and up-sell with individualized targeting and recommendations.

Go beyond traditional profile and persona based behavioral attributes to predict what each customer wants and deliver it to them on the right device and at the right time.

  • Be where customers are on mobile, web, and other emerging channels
  • Leverage all existing data to truly understand the needs of each customer
  • Extend beyond broad, coarse segments to target each individual using profile, behavioral, and predictive attributes
  • Deliver individualized experiences, offers, and recommendations


With an increased emphasis on pay for performance, healthcare payers are under pressure to improve quality of care, increase member satisfaction, contain costs, and increase star ratings.

Insights’ healthcare offerings enable you to rapidly adapt to the changing healthcare landscape—to better serve each member and do so cost effectively, while protecting the privacy of their members’ health information:

  • Predict the likelihood for each member to file complaints, grievances and appeals, and do it well in advance of the complaint
  • Investigate root causes affecting member sentiment
  • Respond rapidly via phone, email, SMS, or mail to effectively resolve issues
  • Track the progress of response programs

API Optimization

Insights complements Apigee Edge by providing synergy and shortening the path between knowledge and execution. Businesses use the insights gleaned from sophisticated predictive analytics to optimize their APIs and adapt their apps.

  • Effectively predict and adapt to the operational needs of the APIs and apps
  • Easily access insights, act on them, realize value from your APIs and apps
  • Adapt the app experience in real time
  • Send just-in-time push notifications
  • Surface location-based offers


Insights combines the power of big data and advanced science to deliver significantly greater precision than is possible with traditional technologies and statistical tools.

  • Features a unique predictive actions engine on top of a massively-scalable distributed processing foundation
  • Enables rapid development and integration of predictive insights into apps using JavaScript and other technologies
  • The distributed processing foundation is based on open-source Hadoop and an in-memory real-time processor
  • Brings together capabilities for machine learning, real-time processing, handling semi-structured data such as tweets, searches, and reviews, as well as new structured data types such as graphs and sequences
  • Certified on a variety of big data platforms, allowing you to leverage and realize more value from your existing big data investments