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Apigee Edge
Apigee, for the Edge in digital business
Apigee Edge enables digital business acceleration with a unified and complete platform, purpose-built for the digital economy.  Edge simplifies managing the entire digital value chain with...
Apigee Insights
Increase marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction with API-driven adaptive apps
Apigee Insights provides GRASP-powered big data predictive analytics that increases marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction with API-driven adaptive apps that anticipate, learn, and...
Edge API Services - Product Brief
Manage, scale, secure, and build APIs and apps
Apigee Edge API Services is designed to unite the best of Internet and enterprise technologies to provide rock-solid reliability, and enterprise-grade flexibility all in the...
Apigee Edge Analytics Services
End-to-end visibility across the digital value chain
Edge Analytics Services enable end-to-end visibility across the digital value chain with operational, developer, App performance, and business metrics that are necessary to monitor, measure, and...
Apigee Edge Developer Services
Scaling the reach and revenue of your APIs
Apigee Edge Developer Services provides the tools and infrastructure needed to drive your developer and partner success. Internal and external app developers and partners represent brand new...
Backend as a Service streamlines app development
API Services includes an integrated Backend as a Service (BaaS), which provides web and mobile app developers with a way to link their apps to a cloud datastore and provide
App Performance Monitoring: Edge Product Brief
Monitor app usage, performance, and crashes
This Apigee Edge product brief describes how App Performance Monitoring enables you to monitor the usage, errors and crashes, and performance of your apps so you can take corrective...
Apigee Edge API Monetization
Extending the value of your digital strategy
API monetization increases the business value of APIs with revenue models based on fees, freemium, and revenue sharing. Monetization capabilities enable the API provider to manage revenue plans...
Edge One Region DN Expansion
High performance & availability for global deployments
Apigee Edge One Region DN Expansion (API-DN) ensures that applications built on APIs deliver optimized data with extremely high performance and high availability to
devices anywhere in...
Apigee Insights: Customer Journey Analysis
Understand your customers’ journey in 6 weeks
The Apigee Insights Customer Journey Analysis offering enables enterprises to quickly get started to understand and optimize the customer journey across multiple channels of interaction.
Apigee Insights for CTM
Predict and prevent complaints, grievances, and appeals
Apigee Insights for CTM enables Healthcare Payers to predict members likely to file a complaint, grievance or appeal, investigate the root cause of the complaint, and report on the results of...
Apigee API Exchange for Telecommunications
A Global API Network of Telecommunications Capabilities
Your customers are not where they used to be. They are moving from a billion browsers to trillions of apps on mobile devices, social networks, and cloud services. This is the new app economy,...

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