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L.L.Bean's API Journey: Digital Commerce Done Right
L.L.Bean’s Kristopher Kleva walks us through the company’s digital commerce API platform.
Are ESBs Relevant in the Age of Microservices?
Azuqua CEO Nikhil Hasija explains how companies can transition to agile microservices and shed older toolsets.
What's Better Than Microservices? Serverless Microservices
Autodesk technologist Alan Williams and AWS solution architect Asha Chakrabarty discuss real-world microservices examples.
Uber's APIs: Giving Developers the Keys to Innovation
Uber's developer experience lead Chris Messina and Uber's developer advocate Alexander Graebe explain how partners use Uber's APIs to drive innovation in their own businesses.
Cloud Deployments Done Right: Why APIs Are Key
Apigee's Anant Jhingran and Ed Anuff discuss best practices for managing APIs in the cloud world.
Building APIs with Apigee Edge and Microsoft Azure
Microsoft's Greg Oliver and Apigee's Sandeep Murusupalli discuss running Edge on Azure.
The Business of APIs: Your Hundred-Day Business Plan
Apigee's Bryan Kirschner discusses how APIs open new opportunities for business growth.
APIs: The New Security Layer
Apigee's Greg Brail discusses API security fundamentals.
Is Microservices SOA Done Right?
Pivotal's Matt Stine and Apigee's Alan Ho discuss how microservices differ from SOA.
Building vs. Buying Your API Infrastructure
Apigee's Brian Pagano and Ed Anuff analyzed the costs and benefits of building versus buying API management.
gRPC: The Story of Microservices at Square
Square's Manik Surtani joined Apigee's Alan Ho to discuss the company's collaboration with Google to launch gRPC, an open source RPC framework.
A Checklist for Every API Call
Learn how checklists help organizations succeed with APIs, across various roles.

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