API Design - Third Edition

API Design: Third Edition

In this webcast, API Design: Third Edition, Brian Mulloy and Kevin Swiber drew upon the discussions and implementations with hundreds of crafters and technologists that have helped further shape their API design thinking in the 12 months since the previous edition of RESTful API Design

Grounded in the premise that the design of an API communicates how it will be used by app developers - the customers of an API - Brian and Kevin explore the design principles and best practices you can employ to maximize developer productivity and ensure that app developers enjoy success using your API in their apps. They covered:

  • The value of a Pragmatic design approach for API providers and app developers
  • Best practices about URL design, error handling, versioning, pagination, and more
  • The role of Hypermedia and HATEOAS in the API Design

I Love APIs Europe 2015

I Love APIs is the world's largest conference and community dedicated to API strategies and digital business. For the first time, it’s coming to Europe on the 24th of March.