Powering Modern Web and Mobile Apps for Government Agencies - Why APIs are not SOA++

Powering Web and Mobile Apps for Government Agencies

Using APIs, information generated and stored by the federal government is becoming open and accessible to innovators and the public. But are your agencies' systems ready to support modern interfaces like mobile or dynamic web apps? Many agency systems are built on a monolithic web infrastructure, driven by SOA. While APIs and SOA share similarities, they are designed for very different use cases.

Carahsoft and Apigee partnered to present this webcast, in which Apigee's Ed Anuff and Dilshad Simons discussed the differences between API and SOA governance and between API consumption and service exposure. The also covered the advantages of building separate API and services tiers in order to power the interactions that agencies need to deliver digital government services efficiently and securely. Ed and Dilshad also discussed:

  • the services required to drive modern apps
  • the advantages of building an API tier separately from a services tier
  • important differences between API consumption and service exposure
  • patterns and anti-patterns for designing your API tier

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