Walgreens Story: Putting an API Around Their Stores


App & API Monitoring: Building a 5-Star Reputation for your Apps


API Design: An Adoption-Centered Approach


Why APIs are Different than Integration


Edge and Node.js: New Possibilities for the API Tier


Building for Google Glass: What You Need to Know


Node.js: Extending the Programmability of Edge


Mobile App Design Best Practices: Usable Interfaces for Tiny Places


Crafting APIs for Mobile Apps: Everything You Need to Know


Training: Build your first Native App for iOS with Objective-C


Building Engaging Apps: Why You Should Fall in Love with Push Notifications!


Build your first Mobile App in 3 Hours with HTML5 & an API Backend


The Programmable Car: Apps, APIs, Data and Ecosystems


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API Design: Third Edition


The New Three Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies & APIs


Essential API Facade Patterns: Part I - Composition


HTML5: The Apps, the Frameworks, the Controversy


Applying Universal Design Principles to API Initiatives


Building a Mobile Data Platform with Cassandra - Apigee Under the Hood


OData and Impact on API Design


Mobile Apps 101 - Key patterns you need to know


HATEOAS 101: Opinionated Introduction to a REST API Style


The Anatomy of Apps - How iPhone, Android & Facebook Apps Consume APIs


Mobile APIs - Optimizing APIs for Many Devices


RESTful API Design - Second Edition


RESTful API Design - Beware of Dogma (First Edition)

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Developer Adoption

Your API Sucks! Why Developers Hang Up and How to Stop That



Web API Design
Application developers are the customers of a Web API. Success is measured by how quickly app developers enjoy success using your API in their applications, and rapid adoption of a Web API is all about design. This e-book will help you make design choices from the application developer’s point of view so that the benefits of proven design principles and best practices will make your initiative a success.
Developers Hate Marketing
Developers hate marketing. But developers are your new channel partners. They carry your products or services to customers through apps. How to attract your channel partners is the real question today. This e-book describes how to face the challenge of drawing developers to your API and avoid the many common mistakes that companies make when designing their developer programs.

Customer Stories

Pearson Plug & Play


Digital Strategy

Kevin Toms, Developer Program Architect, Philips Hue - iloveapis2013

Kevin Toms, Developer Program Architect, Philips Hue


Using the Edge management UI


API Monetization

Developer Adoption

Self-service Reports for Developers


Edge Developer Services Overview

Digital Business Basics

Engage Developers with a Developer Portal


App Analytics: Data logging and visualization


Custom Metrics and Dimensions


Investigate Anomolies with Edge Analytics


Traffic Composition Tool Demo


Edge Analytics Dashboard Tour


SAP Access: Enabling Mobile Apps to Consume Services from an ERP Backend

API Design

Telco APIs: ParlayX-to-OneAPI - SOAP-to-REST Transformation


Backend-as-a-Service: Drastically reducing mobile app implementation time


How To: Customize an API you don't control - JSON to XML transformation

How To:Transform any JSON API into an XML API


Developer Adoption

Don’t Market to Developers. Solve their Problems.


Learn to Build Apps with a BaaS - Apigee Developer Tutorial on Codeacademy

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