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In this business brief, we explain why APIs help businesses meet the new expectations of customers, partners, and employees.
This business brief explores internal APIs for business agility, partner APIs for collaboration and business development, and open APIs for breakthrough innovation.
Predictive Analytics: Build Versus Buy
This product brief compares and contrasts building an in-house predictive analytics solution from the available open source technologies to buying a commercial solution.
Digital transformation describes how companies are using technology to add a digital dimension to customer or partner experiences, change the way employees do their jobs, or add new lines of business. These kinds of experiences are no longer just conveniences. These five key trends are making digital transformation an imperative for businesses today.
APIs: The New Marketing Platform
APIs power all digital marketing channels and the apps we use today. They’re how businesses exchange data with partners and participate in digital ecosystems. APIs are a window on your company’s digital assets, exposing them so developers and partners can build mobile apps and become part of your innovation engine. They're the business technology that brings the CIO and the CMO together.
This research report, which is based upon an online survey of 800 IT decision makers at large companies across the globe, the Apigee Institute reveals patterns for success with a key digital business capability: building and deploying apps.
Retail Digital Acceleration
This business brief offers ten considerations that will help businesses understand the challenges and opportunities that retail enterprises face when adopting and operating digital business platforms.
eBook: Beyond ESB Architecture with APIs
Powering interactions via apps requires a new architecture. Companies today seek to leverage the latest forms of mobile and rich-client engagement to build new experiences. In recent years, apps have transformed from the means of content access and data entry to being the primary channels of interaction between a company and its customers and employees.
eBook: APIs for Dummies
Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the foundation on which the digital economy is built. This ebook demystifies APIs, going beyond the acronym to help you understand their strategic significance, as well as providing insight into how they can help your business. Learn to use APIs as the foundation for your digital business platform, meet rising customer expectations across multiple channelsand spur innovation, both internally and externally.
eBook: APIs and IT Rationalization
These days, technology leaders are asked to do more and move faster. But they usually aren’t given any more budget to meet the demands of a fast evolving, agile, responsive enterprise. Winning in today’s environment requires more intelligent ways to achieve our goals; this, in turn, requires finding ways to remove unnecessary spend from our budgets, and freeing more dollars for innovation.
eBook: APIs are Different than Integration
Many developers and architects see APIs as an evolution and continuation of the integration-based architectures that have long been in use within enterprise IT. However, this is a limited view that misses the larger realization that APIs have become a foundational technology for the development of robust and scalable enterprise applications.
Telco Innovation With APIs
Telecommunications companies are part of the most pervasive and critical infrastructures in every country on earth. They cater to millions of customers, and worldwide they generate approximately $1.5 trillion in business revenue. Telecommunications and the Web are merging, and the potential of Telco apps and APIs has expanded dramatically. This e-book describes how telcos must make fundamental shifts in technology and business models if they are to remain competitive.
OAuth: The Big Picture
OAuth has become standard practice for large social media APIs and it's becoming common across enterprise APIs. OAuth is good for your customers' security and experience making is critical if you want adoption on your API. This e-book will help you understand how OAuth fits with APIs and the emerging world of open platforms, its advantages and challenges, what role it can play for your products, and without having to know the fine details of the protocol.
Is Your API Naked?
A customer of ours once said it best: “...most open APIs start out as little more than raw, naked, features exposed to developers, and there is a big gap between a feature and a full-fledged service.” This e-book is about the capabilities ‘around the API’ that might be needed to ‘productize,’ ‘monetize,’ or ‘operationalize’ an API-based service. This e-book will give you ammunition and questions to ponder in different areas where your API might need covering up.
Businesses are expanding their digital ecosystems into the app economy. As businesses interact with partners, developers, and internal resources through mobile, social, app experiences and APIs, the number of sources of useful data expands. Data is the currency of the digital ecosystem and enterprises are striving to make sense of the new world of big and broad data as their structured internal systems meet the ocean of unstructured and semi-structured data.
Governance, Risk, Compliance & APIs
By their nature, APIs are meant to enable transactional business activity without prior restraint, and they are major tools for innovation and experimentation. APIs save organizations money through reuse and consistency.This paper shows how GRC and APIs interact in today’s enterprises. Furthermore, it shows that using an API management platform can streamline governance and compliance.
Digital Transformation
The focal point of computing power is shifting from the server room to the mobile device. This presents businesses with the opportunity and the imperative to develop new experiences that are specifically crafted for tablets or smartphones. We call it digital transformation. Wherever your business is on the path to digital transformation, this eBook outlines strategies you can follow and real steps you can take to prepare for the future.
Developers Hate Marketing
Developers hate marketing. But developers are your new channel partners. They carry your products or services to customers through apps. How to attract your channel partners is the real question today. This e-book describes how to face the challenge of drawing developers to your API and avoid the many common mistakes that companies make when designing their developer programs.
Are You Where Your Customers Are?
As the main venue of ecommerce moves from websites to mobile devices, retailers see apps as the new channels and means of conversations with partners and customers. If you own a digital or mobility program for retail, this eBook helps you meet the challenges of building a digitally enabled customer experience, digitizing business processes, and creating your own digital business model and roadmap.
APIs: A Strategy Guide
In April 2012, O'Reilly hosted a webinar by the authors of the O'Reilly book "APIs: A Strategy Guide." The book is an overview of API strategy for business executives. This webcast dives into both public and private API strategies. Courtesy of O'Reilly, a free chapter is posted here.
Apigee API Exchange
Companies across all industries - including telco, healthcare, financial services, and more - are striving to innovate and create digital ecosystems. At the same time, market fragmentation slows developer adoption and restricts participation in the app economy. Apigee API Exchange delivers API federation and simplifies the development of cross-enterprise APIs in any industry where fragmentation is an issue.
API: A Profit Interface
Extraordinary companies discern where remarkable opportunities exist to engage their audiences. Innovators can change themselves rapidly when new opportunities present themselves, but you don't have to change everything to leverage APIs to create new channels, customer experiences, distribution networks and profit streams. How can you turn an API into "A Profit Interface"?
API Management for the Software-Defined Network (SDN)
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a shift in network-based computing based on breaking existing physical boundaries on switches, routers, and controllers through well-defined APIs. This new era of networking innovation through software, driven by APIs and apps, is creating increasingly agile, flexible and robust networking configurations. API management becomes a critical component to build, manage and scale apps for the programmable datacenter.
The Mobile Mandate for Retail
The rise of mobile isn’t just changing e-commerce. Recent Apigee Institute research finds that customers not only want brick-and-mortar retailers to deliver key services via apps, they expect them to. And not only that, digitally focused retailers are demonstrating better market results across the board. The message for twenty-first century retailers, whether online or physical, is clear: to succeed, they need to add apps to their strategy.

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Walgreens: Putting an API Around Our Stores

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Abhi Ingle, Vice President, Ecosystem & Innovation at AT&T

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Dan Raju, CEO and Co-founder of Tradier

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Richard Lynch, President of FB Associates

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Nick Pudar, Director of Developer Ecosystem for General Motors

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Nick Katsivelos, VP and Managing Director of Technology & Strategy at R/GA

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Ovum Recognizes Apigee’s Innovative API Platform and Services

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