Enterprise Ready

Launch like a startup, scale like an enterprise

Apigee is freemium and self-service. Launch your API today on the same product that runs the world’s largest enterprise API programs.

Deploy in the cloud or on-premises

Apigee fits your deployment model requirements. Use Apigee either in the cloud or bring the full Apigee product on-premises in your private cloud.

Built from ground up for the Digital Value Chain

Apigee has been built from the ground up to support the specific use cases and requirements of modern apps and APIs - from the thought leaders in API design, strategy, and technology.

Support billions of API calls per day

Apigee supports the capacity and scalability requirements of the worlds largest API programs and is trusted by 25% of the Fortune 100 and 50% of the world's most valuable brands.

PCI, HIPAA, and SOC2 Support

Support compliance for Apps and APIs to accept PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and support enterprise compliance and governance requirements.

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Provide up to 99.99% availability and uptime

Apigee provides a multi-region distribution network so you can provide low latency and high availability worldwide.

Global Operations Centers

Apigee provides Global Operations Centers (GOC) in multiple regions to monitor your service and customer experience 24/7.

Zero-downtime API upgrades

Upgrade your APIs with zero downtime, so you can provide app developers and end users with an excellent customer experience.

Customer Success

From Strategy to Deployment to Operations

Apigee is your partner through your digital business journey, from strategy definition to deployment and launch - and then evolving with your needs and business as it grows.

Thought Leadership and Digital Strategy Workshops

Apigee is recognized as the API thought leader, and has delivered hundreds of Digital Strategy Workshops to help enterprises map out their digital journey.

Your Customer success team

Apigee’s Customer Success team includes over one hundred experienced professionals completely dedicated to your ongoing success.

Developer Focused

Apigee is free for developers to use

Developers can sign up and use the full Apigee product and API for free to build apps and APIs.

Used by leading developers and API programs

Over 100k developers and many top API programs use Apigee tools, technology, and best practices to craft apps, APIs, and developer experiences.

Open source and community

Apigee is a heavy contributor and user of open source technologies. Apigee provides Usergrid, an open source distribution of core Apigee app services.