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Apigee dashboard

What is the Apigee dashboard?

The Apigee Edge dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to Edge. It gives you end-to-end visibility to monitor, measure, and manage the success of your API program. 

This dashboard has two views:

  • API Program View - Monitors how your APIs are growing, the engagement of your developers, and the rates of developer adoption. 
  • Top Performance View - Monitors API traffic growth patterns, including error rates across specific periods of time. Gives you a summary of to

To go to this dashboard at any time, select Dashboard from the main Apigee Edge menu. 

Watch a video demonstration

Check out this short video to learn about how to use and interact with the Apigee Edge Dashboard. 

API Program View

What does the API Program view tell me?

This dashboard view helps you manage the business side of your APIs. These metrics show a high-level view of all the APIs in your organization. They give you insight into which APIs are most popular with customers and how much traffic is flowing through all your APIs. Switch from the Summary to the Detail view to see patterns and growth of individual APIs, including APIs with most/least traffic and with the most/least errors.


What does the API Program view measure?

Metric Description
API traffic

All the API traffic for an organization over the selected period of time. Traffic, also called "throughput", represents the number of API requests and responses seen by an API organization. 

Developer Engagement

Measures the average number of API calls for registered developers during the selected period of time.

The ratio among traffic levels for high, medium, low, and inactive developers using your APIs for the selected time period. Also shown are the total number of developers who have signed up to use your APIs, and the percentage change of developer signups between this week and last week.

Note: It's possible that the Developer Engagement could reflect higher numbers for a Week timespan than for a Month. This is because engagement is calculated based on the average number of calls during a specific period of time (week/month). You could have a large number of developers register their apps, but for a period of time the apps are not generating traffic (perhaps because their apps are still in development). If traffic starts later, in the most recent week, then calculated engagement will be higher for the most recent week than over the previous month, because most of the traffic was generated in the most recent week. 

Developer Apps Traffic for your top-performing developer apps for the selected time period is displayed in this chart.

Notice that the details chart also identifies and lists statistics for the APIs that have the most and least traffic and most and least errors over the selected period.

Top Performance View

What  does the Top Performance view tell me?

This view shows growth and error patterns for your API traffic. For example, you can see at a glance where traffic or error rates were spikey and investigate further using other available analytics tools. You can view a summary of total traffic, including change from prior periods. Mouse over the graphs for additional details. 


What does the Top Performance view measure?

Top APIs

The APIs with the highest traffic over the selected time period.

Top Developer Apps

The developer apps with the highest traffic over the selected time period.

Top Products

The API products with the highest traffic over the selected time period.

(API products are groups or collections of APIs that are logically grouped into sets for the purposes of provisioning access, logging or metrics generation with the ability to view and maintain control at the group level.)

Top Developers

Developers with the highest traffic over the selected time period.



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