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Endpoint performance dashboard

What does this dashboard tell me?

The Endpoint Perfromance dashboard tracks how your endpoint servers behave from Apigee's point of view. This dashboard gives you visibility into what kind of errors or latency is observed from specific endpoint servers, allowing operation teams to better understand their backend systems. This dashboard enables operation teams to better understand their backend systems.

The Endpoint Performance dashboard

What does this dashboard measure?

Metric Description
Traffic by Endpoint Measures the total amount of traffic that passes through an endpoint, including for all endpoints.
Traffic Measures total traffic, errors, and success rates.
Request-Time Measures the average response time, average target response time, and average proxy response time.
Target Error Measures total error counts and errors with the HTTP code of 4xx. 
Request Payload Size Measures the request and response payload sizes in kilobytes.

What else do I need to know about this dashboard?

You can view metrics for all target endpoints or drill into specific targets using the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard.

This dashboard uses standard controls, like the date and data aggregation selectors, hovering over graphs for more context, and so on. To learn more, see Using the analytics dashboards.

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