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Partner engagement dashboard

What does this dashboard tell me?

The Partner Engagement dashboard tells you which of your partner developers are generating the most API traffic. For each of your developer partners, you can find out who is generating the most API traffic and the most errors. For example, if a particular developer's app is generating a lot of errors relative to other developers, you can proactively address the problem with that developer. 

The Partner Engagement dashboard

What does this dashboard measure?

Metric Description
API proxies used by app Measures all APIs that have traffic generated by the selected app.
Apps by developer Measures other apps generating traffic registered by the same developer as the developer of the selected app.
Apps using the same API proxies Measures other apps, from the same developer or not, that use the same set of APIs used by the selected app.
Traffic level of other apps using the same API proxies Measures the API traffic flowing through all apps using the same set of APIs as the currently selected app.
Traffic by API proxy Measures the total traffic generated by the selected app for each API that the app uses. 
Traffic by App Measures the total traffic flowing through each app that is registered by the same developer.

What else do I need to know about this dashboard?

When you select Partner Engagement from the Analytics menu, you land on a summary page. The page contains a table that lists the apps, APIs, and products associated with a developer. It also summarizes total traffic and error rates. Click the Show context action to go to the detailed dashboard for any developer app. 

This dashboard uses standard controls, like the date and data aggregation selectors, hovering over graphs for more context, and so on. To learn more, see Using the analytics dashboards.

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