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What does this dashboard tell me?

The Traffic Composition dashboard measures the relative contribution of your top APIs, apps, developers, and products to your overall API program. 

Use the report to detect business problems such as lower traffic trends or diminishing contribution from key apps and developers. Based on this data, you can decide what corrective action to take. You can also get early notification of new entities that contribute to API traffic, and take actions to respond — for example, you can determine which new developers are  highly contributing and include them in nurturing programs.

The Traffic Composition dashboard

What does this dashboard measure?

Metric Description
Overall Traffic Trends The number of messages for each entity of the selected type over time — for example, the number of messages for each API over time.
Relative Traffic Contribution The relative amount of traffic contributed by each entity of the selected type over time — for example, the relative contribution of each app over time.
Traffic Trend  Click on a segment of a Relative Traffic Contribution chart to view the traffic trend for the corresponding entity. For example, click on a segment that displays the relative traffic contribution for a specific developer to view the traffic trend for that developer.

What else do I need to know about this dashboard?

This is a very interactive dashboard. The controls in this chart work a little differently than others that are described in Using the analytics dashboards; however it's an inutitive dashboard to use. Move your mouse around over the charts and entity names to highlight specific information.


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