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Creating an Apigee Edge account

You need an account to use Apigee Edge. You can create your own or an administrator can create one for you.

Before you create an account, check out the overview of Apigee Edge at What is Apigee Edge? and of the Edge organizational structure at Apigee Edge organization structure.

Create your own Apigee Edge account

Apigee Edge provides free accounts that give you access to all of the features available to enterprise customers. You can sign up for a free account at

Do not include spaces, underscores, or periods in your user name.

When you create an account directly on Edge, Edge automatically creates an organization for you. The name of the organization is your username and your account is created with the role of organization administrator. See Manage users and roles for more information.

You can locate the name of your organization in the Edge management UI by looking under User settings.

Because an Edge account can be associated with multiple organizations, you can later request to be added to other organizations.

An Edge account provides you with the following credentials:

  • A username: This is the email address that you provided during sign up.
  • A password: This is the password that you created during sign up.

You use these credentials for two purposes:

  • To login to
  • To invoke the RESTful API exposed by API Services. If you need an account in an existing organization, please contact your organization administrator.

For example, when you see sample commands such as the following:

$ curl{org_name}/apis -u myname:mypass

You substitute the credentials described here for org_name, myname and mypass.

After you create your account, learn more about using the Edge development tools at Using the Apigee Edge development environment.

Create an Apigee Edge account as an organization administrator

An organization administrator can add a new user account on Apigee Edge. The new user is automatically added to the administrator's organization.

When the administrator creates your account, you are automatically add you to the administrator's  organization with the role determined by the administrator. This is typically the way you will be added as a new user to an existing organization.

To add a new Edge user account:

  1. Log in to Edge with an account that has administration privileges for the organization.
  2. If you are a member of multiple organizations, select the correct organization from the list in the upper left of the Edge UI.
  3. Click the Admin tab.
  4. Click + User. The "Add a User" screen appears.
  5. Enter the user's email address, First Name, and Last Name.
  6. Select the user's Role. See Manage users and roles for more information. Set the Role as either:
    • User
    • Business User
    • Organization Administrator
    • Read-only Organization Administrator
    • Operations Administrator
  7. Click Save.
    The new user will receive an email with further instructions.

After your account is created, learn more about using the Edge development tools at Using the Apigee Edge development environment.

To add an existing Edge user to your organization:

Use this same procedure to add an existing Edge user to your organization. The only difference is that in step 5, if you enter the email address of an existing Edge user, Edge automatically fills in the First Name and Last Name fields.

To delete a user from your organization:

  • To delete a user from your organization, select the user in the Organization Users table and click Delete. This only removes the user from the current account. If the user is a member of multiple accounts, they remain in the system.
  • To remove a user from Edge completely, contact Apigee Support.

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