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Debugging and troubleshooting Node.js proxies

It's a good practice to make sure any Node.js code you add to a proxy works before you deploy it to Edge. This topic discusses ways to debug proxies that include Node.js applications after they are deployed.

Viewing Node.js logs

To view log information about your Node.js application:

  1. In the main API proxies page, click on the proxy you wish to view.
  2. In the summary page of the selected proxy, click Node.js Logs on the right-hand side of the tool bar. 

The Node.js Logs button does not appear for non-Node.js API proxies. 

In the Logs page, you can select a time range of logs to view, as shown below. The logs record HTTP method calls, success or failure of calls, console.log messages, and so on. Enter a search string in the search field to display all log entries that contain the string. 


Using the trace tool

The trace tool is useful for general proxy debugging. For detailed information on using the trace tool, see Using the Trace tool.



Printing console output

You can embed console.log statements in your Node.js code and view the output in the trace tool. For example, the following statement prints the username of the user who is logging in to access the proxy:

console.log('Logging in as %s', config.username);


You can view the output of this console.log message in the trace tool. Simply call your API in the trace tool and open the Script Output panel of the final response, as shown below. 


For more information

To learn more about debugging, see:


This section provides troubleshooting tips and information for Node.js in Edge.


Node.js performance degradation can occur when connection pool settings are too low. See Node.js Performance Tips: Socket Pooling in the Apigee Community for information on increase connection pool size with maxSockets.

Next steps

For information about Node.js module support in Apigee Edge, including information about support for HTTP/HTTPS, TLS, and other advanced topics, see Understanding Edge support for Node.js modules


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