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Deploying proxies in the UI

All organizations in Apigee Edge, by default, have two environments: test and prod. The naming is arbitrary. These environments are merely designed to provide you with one area to work on and test API changes, and another area where APIs are exposed to apps.

Depending on your role, you may not be able to deploy to all environments. Users can only deploy to the test environment. If you're an administrator you can deploy to any environment

Deployment options

You can deploy multiple revisions of an API. It's common to have a revision in prod while another revision is in test as it's being tested or developed. However, each environment can only have one deployed revision of an API, so you can have revision 1 in test and revision 20 in prod. You can view details for a specific API proxy revision by clicking the Revision button in the API proxy page and selecting the revision of interest. Click the Deployment button to see where that revision is deployed.

When you deploy an API to an environment, you're undeploying the existing revision. This can impact apps that currently use the API, so be cautious when deploying.

Deploying an API revision

  1. Click the Deployment button in the API proxy details page for the revision.

  2. Confirm the deployment. Deployed revisions are indicated in green.

You can also un-deploy a revision by changing its status.



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