Apigee Edge provides an alert feature in its fast and responsive user interface to monitor potential message flow violations.

The RaiseAlert policy sends an alert notification to a destination (a local disk or the system log server) when certain conditions are met, and when required.

Configuring the Raise Alert policy

Configure the Raise Alert policy using the following elements.

The name attribute for this policy is restricted to these characters: A-Z0-9._\-$ %. However, the Management UI enforces additional restrictions, such as automatically removing characters that are not alphanumeric.

Field Name Field Description
Syslog Destination Host IP address of the Syslog server
Port Port where the Syslog server is running

Example - Raise Alert policy

<RaiseAlert name="RaiseAlert">
        <Message>This is a test message. id = {request.header.id}</Message>

Policy schema

Each policy type is defined by an XML schema (.xsd). For reference, policy schemas are available on GitHub.

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