Creating and modifying virtual hosts

If you have an Apigee Edge paid plan, you can customize the base URL that developers use to access your APIs. For example, the default production base URL of an Edge organization called "myorg" is A virtual host maps that base URL to your own custom URL, letting developers access your API through something like instead.

For technical and security reasons, virtual host creation and manipulation in Edge cloud accounts is not self-service. For assistance with virtual hosts, contact Apigee Customer Support at

Apigee provides the following default virtual hosts for both free and paid accounts:

  • default - For HTTP
  • secure - For HTTPS

Getting virtual host information

The Edge management API provides an API resource for listing and getting details about virtual hosts, including the Edge default virtual hosts for the free developer plan. For details, see Virtual Hosts API resource.

You can also see virtual host information in the Edge management UI under APIs > Environment Configuration.




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