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Cache policy variables and error codes

This topic lists variables and error codes related to caching policies. For more about caching, see Optimize performance using cache.


Flow variables can be used to configure dynamic runtime behavior for policies and flows, based on HTTP headers or message content, or the context available in the Flow. For more information about flow variables, see Variables reference.

The following predefined Flow variables are available after you customize the behavior of the cache you define in a LookupCache policy. For more about the policy, see LookupCache policy.

Variables Type Permission Description
lookupcache.<policy-name>.cachename String Read-Only Returns the cache name used in the policy.
lookupcache.<policy-name>.cachekey String Read-Only Returns the key used.
lookupcache.<policy-name>.cachehit Boolean Read-Only True if the policy execution is successful.
lookupcache.<policy-name>.assignto String Read-Only Returns the variable to which cache is assigned.

Error codes

Error Code Message
CacheNotFound Cache {0}, not found in organization : {1}
InvalidCacheResourceReference Invalid cache resource reference {0} in Step definition {1}. Context {2}
EntryCannotBeCached Entry {0} can not be cached. Only serializable entries are cached.
CannotDeleteStepDefinition Step definition {0} should be detached before deletion
InvalidTimeout CacheLookupTimeoutInSeconds {0} value should be greater than zero


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