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API Platform Base Path: https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/{org_name}

API Resource Path:


Description: Updates the access token attributes.

Verb: POST
Auth: Basic Auth
Media types:

Overview: Updates the access token attributes. Can update attributes of Authorization Code and AccessToken Only attributes given in payload will be updated and the remaining existing attributes will remain intact.

Sample Request:
$ curl -H "Content-type=application/json" -X POST -d \
  "attributes" : [ {
	"name" : "att_n1",
	"value" : "att_v1"
  } ],
  "scope" : "read"
} \
Request Payload Elements:
Name Description Default Required?
attributes Name/value pair used to extend the default access token profile N/A No
scope A set of permissions defined for an API, used in the Oauth protocol N/A No
Sample Response:
  "apiProducts" : [ "sandbox" ],
  "app" : "app1",
  "attributes" : [ {
	"name" : "att_n1",
	"value" : "att_v1"
  } ],
  "clientId" : "fGytmxA5UDajPMdOA5E3bebiBOBPikOT",
  "createdAt" : 1343038476540,
  "createdBy" : "defaultUser",
  "expiresAt" : 1343040276540,
  "grantType" : "password",
  "issuedAt" : 1343038476540,
  "lastModifiedAt" : 1343038476958,
  "lastModifiedBy" : "defaultUser",
  "refreshCount" : 0,
  "refreshToken" : "1h11770Z",
  "scope" : "read",
  "status" : "approved",
  "token" : "taFM3LHUTQAFhL0dIFg81XhRc7vC",
  "tokenType" : "BearerToken"
Response Payload Elements:
Name Description
apiProducts API products associated with this consumer key
app App to which this key belongs
attributes Name/value pairs used to extend the default profile
clientId The id associated with the app end user
createdAt Unix time when this access token was created
createdBy User name of the Apigee user who created this access token
expiresAt Unix time when this access token will expire
grantType Grant type of the access token: auth code, client_credential, refresh token
issuedAt Unix time when the token was issued
lastModifiedAt Unix time when the token profile was last modified
lastModifiedAt Unix time when the AccessToken was most recently updated (its attributes)
lastModifiedBy Unix time when the token was last modified
refreshCount Number of times the token may be refreshed
refreshToken Value of the refresh token
scope Scope associated with the token
status Status of the access token
token Value of the access token
tokenType Type of OAuth token: bearer or HMAC
<Message>Invalid Access Token</Message>

Error Codes:
1. keymanagement.service.application_not_approved
2. keymanagement.service.invalid_access_token
3. keymanagement.service.access_token_update_failed

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