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API Platform Base Path: https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/{org_name}

API Resource Path:


Description: Gets the Oauth 1.0a Request Token for the speficied consumer key

Verb: GET
Auth: Basic Auth
Media types:
Sample Request:
$ curl -X GET -H "Accept:application/json" \
https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/(org_name)/oauth1/requesttokens/{request_token}?"consumerKey={consumer_key}" \
-u myname:mypass
Sample Response:
  "app" : "myApp",
  "attributes" : [ {
    "name" : "region",
    "value" : "south"
  } ],
  "callbackUrl" : "api.company.com",
  "consumerKey" : "Lmupmwb5mD6CAEl6vqii1kojTGMiCnWj",
  "createdAt" : 1343034561737,
  "createdBy" : "Admin",
  "expiresAt" : 1343036361737,
  "issuedAt" : 1343034561737,
  "lastModifiedAt" : 1343034561737,
  "lastModifiedBy" : "Admin",
  "scope" : "local",
  "secret" : "kSdnf7pBZADjxg5qfMkHhDVTumR5",
  "status" : "approved",
  "token" : "1wXHJFNXLA0Haeg4lVMToZWJHaFM"
Response Payload Elements:
Name Description
consumerKey The key associated with the app
app The app for which the request token was generated
attributes Name/value elements used to extend the default request token profile
callbackUrl Fetches the client registration details and verifies for the following. It does not redirect if any of the following validation conditions fail. redirect_uri is not provided multiple redirect_uri instances are provided only a part of the redirect_uri is provided if the redirect_uri is provided, it is compared against the multiple redirect_uri instances (if any) ignores fragment components
createdAt Unix time when the request token was created
createdBy Apigee user name of the user who create the request token
expiresAt Expiry time period of the token to be generated; token expires/is deleted when the expiry time ends
issuedAt Validity time period for the OAuth verifier code
lastModifiedAt Unix time when the request token was last modified
lastModifiedBy Apigee user name of the user who last modified the request token
scope Oauth scope(s) included in the request
secret Secret password for getting the request token
status Status of the request token; changes to expired when the expiry time ends
token Value of the request token
  "code" : "keymanagement.service.oauth10_request_token_doesnot_exist",
  "message" : "Request Token doesnot exist",
  "contexts" : [ ]

Error Code:
1. keymanagement.service.oauth10_request_token_doesnot_exist
2. keymanagement.service.application_not_approved
3. keymanagement.service.oauth10_request_token_fetch_failed

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