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API Platform Base Path: https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/{org_name}

API Resource Path: /apis

Creates an API facade (and an API proxy configuration) on Apigee

Verb: POST

Auth: Basic Auth

Media types:


Build APIs topics


This method creates an API proxy in an organization on the Apigee API Platform.

The API proxy that is created using this call will not be accessible at runtime until the proxy is deployed to an environment.

Usually, this request is followed up with an export API proxy method call, which exports the API proxy bundle to the developer's local machine for development.

API proxies can also be created and deployed using the Apigee Enterprise Management User Interface. Sample Request:
$ curl -H "Content-type:application/json" -X POST -d \ '{"name" : "myAPI"}' \ https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/{org_name}/apis \ -u myname:mypass
Request Payload Elements:
Name Description Default Required?
name The name of the API N/A Yes
Sample Response:
    "configurationVersion": {
        "majorVersion": 4, 
        "minorVersion": 0
    "contextInfo": "Revision 1 of application weatherTest, in organization apiProvider", 
    "createdAt": 1343182801400, 
    "createdBy": "admin@apigee.com", 
    "lastModifiedAt": 1343182801400, 
    "lastModifiedBy": "admin@apigee.com", 
    "name": "myAPI", 
    "policies": [], 
    "proxyEndpoints": [], 
    "resources": [], 
    "revision": "1", 
    "targetEndpoints": [], 
    "targetServers": [], 
    "type": "Application"
Response Payload Elements:
Name Description
configurationVersion The version of Apigee that the configuration is valid for
contextInfo Apigee generated contextual information about the entity
name The name of the API
policies Policies attached to the API
proxyEndpoints Named proxy endpoints (receiver) defined for the API proxy
resources Any code, scripts, XSLT files used by policies attached to this API
revision The sequential numbered packages of code and configuration that make up an API proxy
targetEndpoints Named proxy endpoints (sender) defined for the API proxy
targetServers Target servers defined for load balancing purposes
type Internal entity definition used by Apigee

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