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Get Oauth 1.0 Access Token

API Platform Base Path:{org_name}

API Resource Path: /oauth1/accesstokens/{access_token}

Fetches the details of given access token

Verb: GET

Auth: Basic Auth

Sample Request:
$ curl{org_name}/oauth1/accesstokens/{access_token} \ -u myname:mypass
Sample Response:
  "apiProducts" : [ "PremiumApiProduct" ],
  "app" : "myApp",
  "appUserId" : "",
  "attributes" : [ {
    "name" : "region",
    "value" : "east"
  } ],
  "consumerKey" : "mlfBg7NH9tCua8wUhuamKHeTdfHxMB0A",
  "consumerSecret" : "iF1lDg239ngfhLWH",
  "createdAt" : 1343037194128,
  "createdBy" : "1343037194128",
  "expiresAt" : 1343038994128,
  "issuedAt" : 1343037194128,
  "lastModifiedAt" : 1343037194128,
  "lastModifiedBy" : "Admin",
  "scope" : "local",
  "secret" : "HJ3Gl6KTF01pAH24GAAdGfb8dOq1",
  "status" : "approved",
  "token" : "kNw6eQrL5G7etEBcvqvRTL01E5rY"

Response Payload Elements:
Name Description
apiProducts API products associated with the consumer key used by the app
app App with which the access token is associated
appUserId The ID of the app end user for whom the access token is generated
attributes Name/value pairs used to exntend the default OAuth 1.0a access token profile
consumerKey The consumer key associated with access toen
consumerSecret The consumer secret associated with the consumer key for the access token
createdAt Unix time the access token was generated
createdBy User name of the Apigee user who created the access token
expiresAt Unix time the access token will expire
issuedAt Validity time period for the OAuth verifier code
lastModifiedAt Unix time the access token was last modified
lastModifiedBy User name of the Apigee user who last modified
scope The OAuth scope of the access token (used at runtime to validate access to API product)
secret The screat associated with the access token
status The status of the access token: 'approved', 'revoked', expired'
token The value of the Access Token
  "code" : "keymanagement.service.....",
  "message" : "Access Token doesnot exist",
  "contexts" : [ ]

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