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API Platform Base Path:


API Resource Path:


Creates in an Apigee API Platform organization

Verb: POST

Auth: Basic Auth

curl -u myname:mypass https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/{myorg}/users
Sample Request:
curl -H "Content-type:application/json" -X POST -d \
'{"emailId" : "user1@company.com",
  "firstName" : "User",
  "lastName" : "One",
  "password" : "mysecret"}' \
-u myname:mypass https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/{org_name}/users
Request Payload Elements:
Name Description Default Required?
emailId The user's email address N/A Yes
FirstName The user's first name N/A Yes
LastName The user's last name N/A Yes
password A password for the user N/A No
Sample Response:
Success 2xx with proper response
  "emailId" : "user@company.com",
  "firstName" : "User",
  "lastName" : "One"

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