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API Platform Base Path: https://api.enterprise.apigee.com/v1/o/{org_name}

API Resource Path: /apis/{api_name}/revisions/{revision_number}/deployments?action=deploy&env={environment_name}&basepath={/basepath}

Pushes an API to an environment (typically 'test' or 'prod') for execution

Verb: POST

Auth: Basic Auth


APIs cannot be invoked until they have been deployed to an environment. By default every organization in Apigee is provisioned with two environments--test and prod. To get a list of available environments in your organization, use the GET Ogrniazation method, or list environments.

Sample Response:
  "aPIProxy" : "myapi",
  "configuration" : {
    "basePath" : "/myapi",
    "steps" : [ ]
  "environment" : "test",
  "name" : "1",
  "organization" : "myorg",
  "revision" : "1",
  "server" : [ {
    "status" : "deployed",
    "type" : [ "message-processor" ],
    "uUID" : "90096dd1-1019-406b-9f42-fbb80cd01200"
  }, {
    "status" : "deployed",
    "type" : [ "message-processor" ],
    "uUID" : "7d6e2eb1-581a-4db0-8045-20d9c3306549"
  }, {
    "status" : "deployed",
    "type" : [ "router" ],
    "uUID" : "1619e2d7-c822-45e0-9f97-63882fb6a805"
  }, {
    "status" : "deployed",
    "type" : [ "router" ],
    "uUID" : "8a5f3d5f-46f8-4e99-b4cc-955875c8a8c8"
  } ],
  "state" : "deployed"
Response Payload Elements:
Name Description
aPIProxy The name of the API proxy
configuration The basepath for this deployment (appended to the basepath defined in the Proxy Endpoint if any)
steps Any policy steps attached to the API proxy
environment The environment where the API proxy is deployed ('test' or 'prod')
name The revision name (always a number)
organization The API provider's Apigee organization name
revision The number of the revision
server A set of servers deployed in support of the API proxy (primarily for Apigee support)
state The state of the API proxy, either 'deployed' or 'undeployed'


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