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About the documentation archives

This is the place to access Apigee Edge cloud documentation for previous releases. If you're an on-premises customer on an earlier release of Edge, use the corresponding version of the docs on this page.

The management UI in earlier on-premises versions of Edge takes you to the current documentation. For example, if you click the "i" information icon while working with a policy, you're directed to the current version of the documentation. To find the equivalent topic on an archived site, your best bet is to search the archived site for relevant keywords.

Documentation for previous releases Archive notes
  • Content is provided "as is". These archives won't be updated, and commenting has been disabled on archived sites.
  • Google or other search engines shouldn't be able to find the content in the archives. This is intentional to prevent muddled, multiple-release search hits. 
  • Search functionality inside an archive is scoped to that site.
  • Performance might not be as fast as the current cloud docs.
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