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Industry Technology Awareness

We have identified some of the technologies that underly the Apigee Platform and added links to a sampe of online training resources.  This is a sample and not meant to represent conclusive training  and Apigee is not recommending these links over other training offerings. These resources are intended to help you get started and to understand the breadth of the opportunity to leverage the platform to it's fullest potential.


Introduction to XML (W3 Schools)


What is SOAP? (W3 Schools)


Drupal Concepts 
Apigee's Developer Portal is built on Drupal


RESTful API Design- Second Edition Webcast and eBook (Brian Mulloy)

Wikipedia Definition

Tutorial by Dr. M. Elkstein (Bio)


Linux command-line basics

Python Tutorial

Google Tutorial


Thinking in Java

Programming XML in Java Tutorial


OAuth: The Big Picture eBook Webcast  (Greg Brail)

Understanding OAuthWhat Happens When You Log Into a Site with Google, Twitter, or Facebook

OAuth 2.0 Tutorial 

OAuth 2.0 Specification


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