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A developer portal is the place where developers learn about your API and register to use it. Developers interact with your portal in a number of ways. They can read your API documentation, participate in blogs about your API, and most importantly, register to use your API.

How developers access your APIs through the portal

The basic flow developers follow to gain access to your APIs from your portal goes like this:

  • Developers visit your portal and register to be added to the system.
  • Registered developers then register an app to choose which API products they wish to consume from the app.
  • Registering an app also generates the API key that the developer passes as part of each request to access your API products from the app. 

As the API provider, you set up and configure your portal. At that time, you can specify the level of developer authorization that you want. For example, you can allow all developers to register and to register apps. This option is the default. Or, you restrict developer access by adding specific developers and giving them specific access rights. 

Key Concepts

The key concepts to understand when you are setting up your portal are:

  • API products. An API product is one or more APIs bundled for consumption by developers. You must create at least one API product by using the Apigee Edge management UI or by using the Apigee Edge management API. For more information, see What is an API product?.
  • Developers. By default, visitors to your portal can self-register. Once a developer is registered, she can register an app. Only registered developers can register an app.
  • Apps. An app is associated with one or more API products and with a registered developer. Registering the app generates the API key that allows the developer to access your APIs from the app. 

Manually adding developers through the developer portal

Before developers can start working with your portal, they need to register to be added to the system. By default, any developer can register on the developer portal. The developer's account is then automatically authenticated.

However, you can customize your developer portal such that only those with admin privilege can add developer accounts. In that case, a portal administrator needs to add developer accounts manually using the portal UI. See Add and manage user accounts for more.

Manually adding developers through the Edge management UI

You can use the Apigee Edge management UI to add developer accounts manually. You can chose this approach for your internal test environment or, if you choose not to create a portal, you can generate API keys and make them available to specific developers. For more information, see Adding developers to your API product and Creating apps to surface your API.

Using the Edge management API

As with most Apigee features, you can use the Edge management API to perform the same kinds of functions you perform in the Edge management UI. For more information, see Using the Edge management API to Publish APIs.


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