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Making management API calls from this page

  1. In the URL, replace any values indicated by "{ }", such as your organization name.
  2. Set the Basic Authentication credentials: Edge email and password (user must be in the Org Admin role).
    Create an Apigee account if you don't have one.
  3. Tweak the parameters and request body as needed.
  4. Send the live request to Edge!


Deletes a consumer key that belongs to an app, and removes all API products associated with the app. Once deleted, the consumer key cannot be used to access any APIs.

Removes an API product from an app's consumer key, and thereby renders the app unable to access the API resources defined in that API product.

Note that the consumer key itself still exists after this call. Only the association of the key with the API product is removed.

Removes an app from a developer's app family. An app family requires at least one app. Therefore, removing all apps from an app family also deletes the app family.

Deletes a developer from an organization. All apps associated with the developer are also removed from the organization. All times in the response are UNIX times.

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