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1. In the Resource URL, replace any values enclosed in "{}", such as your organization name.
2. Set the Basic Authentication credentials. These are your Edge email and password (user must be in the Org Admin role).
3. Tweak the Request Body as needed (if a body is needed).
4. Send the live request to Edge and view the response! You can also view Request data.

Export API Proxy

Resource Summary

Auth Type


Content Type



API Proxy,



Export API Proxy

Outputs an API proxy revision as a ZIP formatted bundle of code and config files. This enables local configuration and development, including attachment of policies and scripts.

For example, if you were to call this API with cURL, you could export the API proxy to a local ZIP file by adding -o {file_name}.zip to the cURL command:

-u myEMail:myPWord -o

Resource URL /organizations/{org_name}/apis/{api_name}/revisions/{revision_number}

    Query Parameters

  • Name
  • format
    Set format to 'bundle'.

org_name Mention the organization name true

api_name Mention the API Proxy name true

revision_number Mention the API Proxy revision true

Basic Auth

OAuth 2

Custom Token


Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.


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