Apigee API Platform: APP SERVICES

Ed Anuff introduces App Services - a component of the Apigee API Platform. Build cutting-edge apps with social graphs, geolocation built-in activity streams, and more. Let Apigee handle the mundane data conversions, sign in/sign up, storage, server maintenance, and so on with this "Backend-as-a-Service" solution.


Anant Jhingran introduces Analytics Services - a component of the Apigee API Platform. Analytics Services offers end-to-end visibility into your API ecosystem from the API to mobile apps. Understand your customers' full context - how they use your service with partner APIs, social networks, and other products. Use Mobile Analytics to detect, diagnose and fix apps running on mobile devices.

Four short video tutorials demonstrate how to integrate Apigee push notifications into your app - for Android Native, Apple/iOS Native, Android PhoneGap, and Apple/iOS PhoneGap.

At a recent meeting of ChicagoRuby (a group of Ruby on Rails enthusiasts in downtown Chicago), I spoke about Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) technology. They kindly shared the following recording of our session. Check it out to hear about the BaaS platform as a powerful new class of tool that is fast becoming essential for developers, especially for mobile projects. We look at how BaaS drastically shortens mobile app implementation timelines, and why it may be your best bet to simplify and scale your apps in 2013!

Apigee Enterprise: Analytics Services Product Updates June 2013

Our June 2013 update for the Apigee API Platform delivers a number of new features and improvements for the Analytics Services that are key to unlocking the potential of the data in your digital ecosystem. Check out this short video for a summary of the changes including additional email notifications, error details from target servers, numerous enhancements to reports, and more.

In April 2013, we did a joint webcast with Accenture in which Teresa Tung from Accenture and Brian Pagano of Apigee discussed 2013 technology trends, with a focus on the API and app economy and a spotlight on Accenture's 2013 Technology Vision.

How To: Customize an API you don't control - XML to JSON transformation

Twitter is dropping XML. They've announced that by March 5th, 2013 their API will no longer support XML as a data format. With Apigee Gateway Services, app developers can transform any JSON API into an XML API without changing the original