API Management for the Software-Defined Network (SDN)

API Management for the Software-Defined Network (SDN)

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a shift in network-based computing based on breaking existing physical boundaries on switches, routers, and controllers through well-defined APIs. This new era of networking innovation through software, driven by APIs and apps is creating increasingly agile, flexible and robust networking configurations. API management becomes a critical component to build, manage and scale apps for the programmable datacenter.

In this webcast, Sam Ramji and Brian Pagano discuss:

  • The evolution of SDN and emergence of software controlled networks and the programmable datacenter
  • APIs as the key point of control in the new datacenter
  • The components of the Apigee API Management solution optimized for SDN architectures
  • Improving network performance, routing data based on business needs, and enabling Internet-scale applications communications with API management
  • Making SDN controller software easier to program and manage, while gaining control, visibility, and analytics for the apps that use the SDN API

Download the free whitepaper API Management for the Software-Defined Network.

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