API Maturity Model (Webcast with Accenture)

API Maturity Model

Success in the digital world isn't just about enabling access through APIs; it also requires an industrialized model to deliver APIs at the speed and scale needed to capture new opportunities. API industrialization describes a set of technologies for publishing APIs with the efficiency, agility, and scale needed to compete in the digital world.

In this webcast, Accenture's Teresa Tung and Apigee's Brian Pagano discuss a maturity model that helps you understand where you are in your API journey and explore the considerations and steps to move beyond API enablement to an industrial-strength API strategy. They also cover: the role of APIs in carving out your place in the right ecosystem for today’s digital world; advancing from ad-hoc and tactical activities to an efficient, scalable, industrialized API program; and components of the journey, including strategy and governance, architecture, development process, developer enablement, and optimization.

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