Webcast with Accenture: Design for Analytics - going beyond API reports and trends

Design for Analytics: Going Beyond API Reports and Trends

Analytics play a crucial role in ensuring the success of API programs. But analytics to glean insights and improve an API product don't happen by accident. Are you designing for analytics? Are you considering the insights possible from the unique perspective of key links in the API value chain - API provider, developer, app, user?

We joined Teresa Tung (Accenture), Brian Pagano & Kumar Srivastava (Apigee) for a discussion of designing for analytics. Walk away with an approach for going beyond reports and trends - beyond 'what already happened' and move to 'what is happening and why' - ultimately to improve your API, your API program, your API business.

Join to Discuss:

  • Visibility from the unique vantage point of the API - how it differs from other analytics
  • Finding the right data - volumes, trends, performance, availability, call patterns, and more
  • Insight-to-Action maturity model - moving from reporting to predicting

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