Apigee Edge and Node.js

Edge and Node.js: New Possibilities for the API Tier

APIs and API-first design are the foundation of an enterprise’s digital transformation. But is this where your digital journey ends? How can you extend the programmability of your API infrastructure, solve orchestration problems, and build in complex logic?

The answer? Combine Edge, which is built for the API-first approach, with node.js, the popular framework that runs natively on the Apigee platform. This powerful one-two punch opens up new possibilities for tasks like customizing existing APIs for the web, social, and different mobile devices, consolidating legacy systems, and adding new API services.

In this webcast, Apigee’s Greg Brail and Rakesh Saha discussed using node.js with Edge to build multi-channel apps and APIs. They also discussed the rationale for using node.js, multi-channel app use cases, and how to use node.js to build complex logic in your API tier.

Note: We didn't have time to answer all of the questions submitted during and after this webcast, but we've since published most of the questions and answers.


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