The New 3-Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxy & APIs

The New Three Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies & APIs

In this webcast: The New Three Tier Architecture: HTML5, Proxies & APIs, @landlessness and @kevinswiber discussed the 3-tier architecture of presentation, logic and data and the technologies that underly these tiers, which power the mobile web. Behind the logic and presentation layers, the data tier is traditionally driven by relational databases. Today, with rich APIs available for developers to store application data, a traditional RDB is often not used by modern apps.

This technology shift is causing the data tier to undergo a great amount of change and is driving change up through the logic and presentation tiers. This webcast covered:

  • The evolution of a lightweight presentation tier and rich API-powered data capabilities
  • Mobile development platforms that enable building of native mobile apps
  • The power of API proxies for developers when working with APIs they don't control


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