How To: Add an API

Watch this short video to help you get started managing an API using Apigee.

How To: Quota and Mediation Policies

Watch this short video to see how to use policies to add rate limits and convert from XML to JSON.

(See the first video in our How To series to learn how to Add an API.)

How To: Trace and revisions

Watch this short video to learn to use the Trace tool to inspect how the gateway processes messages and makes revisions.

Twitter seems like a very simple app - 140 characters, users 'following' users. Building an app like that should be easy, right? A quick examination reveals that there are fairly complex features that need to be implemented on the back end. We used App Services to quickly build a Twitter clone using JavaScript, HTML5, and our JavaScript SDK. Image:

Today we are seeing an explosion of information consumption. Enterprises must reach a growing global audience that has moved beyond the browser to thousands of mobile and social apps on hundreds of connected devices. APIs power this new application and mobile driven economy. With new markets and opportunities come high expectations for application and service performance.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a shift in network-based computing based on breaking existing physical boundaries on switches, routers, and controllers through well-defined APIs. This new era of networking innovation through software, driven by APIs and apps is creating increasingly agile, flexible and robust networking configurations.