The Programmable Car: Apps, APIs, Data and Ecosystems

The Programmable Car: Apps, APIs, Data and Ecosystems

The app revolution has turned consumer expectations upside down in all areas of our lives, including in the cars we drive. Our connected cars are already filled with computing power and experiences influenced by consumer electronics. Forward-looking car makers have the pedal to the metal on further innovation. There's an undeniable conceptual shift from the connected car to the programmable car. Nascent consumer electronics thinking is evolving to include platform business models borrowed from the world of apps and the web.

In this webcast, from downtown Detroit, Brian Mulloy imagined the programmable car of the future. Car makers tuned in to discuss an approach to evolving the automobile to meet the demands of today's consumers. App developers walked away with a view of upcoming opportunities to create inspired apps for cars.

We Covered:

  • Apps - creating precise and adaptable consumer experiences
  • APIs - exposing and consuming cloud-based services
  • Data - gleaning insights from infotainment and smartphone apps
  • Ecosystems - creating value for multiple sides of the car market


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