Successful Transition from SOA to APIs for the App Economy

Successful Transition from SOA to APIs for the App Economy: Bending the Spoon

Does your business need to deploy functionality to mobile devices? To multiple channels simultaneously? At a faster pace than ever before?

You have a solid SOA but it's just not flexible enough to fulfill the requirements of today's projects. You need a path to evolve your SOA. In this webcast, Brian Pagano and David Andrzejek discussed the imperative for APIs and an approach to extend SOA with APIs to meet the demands of business in the growing app economy. Brian and David cover:

  • Complex, stateful transactions and other things SOA is good at
  • Agility, scalability, transformations, and other things APIs are good at
  • Expose functionality not services & use APIs to be relevant and successful in the app economy

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