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by Robert Broeckelmann, Levvel Feb 14, 2017


Apigee’s engineering team on our technology, our platform, and how we build things.

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Technology, the state of digital, and a little attitude. Anant Jhingran in his own words.

by Arvind Jain & Sai Koppala Oct 19, 2016

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Digital Business
The Brazil retailer's digital success translates into explosive growth
by John Rethans Feb 23, 2017
Lots of CEOs issue great vision statements. But it's not that often that they can back their words up with results. In Magazine Luiza's annual management report, released this week, CEO Frederico Trajano... Read more
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Feb 22, 2017
It’s hard to find a better example of a traditional business that has embraced the API economy—and seen tangible results because of it—than Walgreens. Whether through its Photo Prints API or its... Read more
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Feb 16, 2017
A key way to convince external developers—your channel partners—to build apps for customers that use your APIs is to build an outstanding developer experience. It’s pretty hard to achieve this without... Read more
by Robert Broeckelmann, Levvel Feb 14, 2017
Robert Broeckelmann is a principal consultant at Levvel. He focuses on API management, integration, and identity–especially where these three intersect. He’s worked with clients across the financial,... Read more

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