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How APIs, data, and apps enable the connected experiences that power digital business.

by Michael Endler & Madison Jacobs Apr 25, 2017


Connecting API and app developers through tools, best practices, and tutorials.

by Robert Broeckelmann, Levvel Apr 07, 2017


Apigee’s engineering team on our technology, our platform, and how we build things.

CTO Musings

Technology, the state of digital, and a little attitude. Anant Jhingran in his own words.

by Anant Jhingran Mar 22, 2017

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Digital Business
New eBook: Five principles to transform the customer experience
by Michael Endler & Madison Jacobs Apr 25, 2017
For too many businesses, “omnichannel” really just means “more multichannel.” It’s easy to see how we got here. Businesses have long called the combination of e-commerce and brick-and-... Read more
Digital Business
by Olaf Domis Apr 21, 2017
“I’m very much looking forward to the day when I can look at the Experian portfolio of applications and we’ve modernized the entire portfolio of externally facing applications and we can drive the pace... Read more
Digital Business
by David Andrzejek Apr 18, 2017
For years, financial services analysts have wondered whether branch banks are wheezing their dying breaths.It’s easy to see why. Industry services have expanded beyond physical branches since the 1960s, when... Read more
Digital Business
by Bryan Kirschner Apr 11, 2017
Sometimes, strategic advantage relies on concealment. The formula for Coca-Cola, for example, is a famously well-kept secret.In other cases, a company's secret advantage is as plain as day, and their success is premised... Read more

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