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Apigee’s engineering team on our technology, our platform, and how we build things.

by Sarthak Gangopadhyay & Stephen Lee (director, platform solutions, Okta) Nov 22, 2016

CTO Musings

Technology, the state of digital, and a little attitude. Anant Jhingran in his own words.

by Arvind Jain & Sai Koppala Oct 19, 2016

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Digital Business
New slides
by Sai Koppala Dec 05, 2016
APIs are the lynchpin to the success of digital businesses. They're critical to evolving enterprise application architectures. All apps use APIs to access application services and data through APIs. These... Read more
Digital Business
New eBook: Microservices Need API Management
by Olaf Domis Dec 01, 2016
Is your company scaling up its applications by breaking them up into smaller pieces, and deploying on cloud? Are you sharing and reusing services widely across the organization and outside—well beyond the... Read more
The communications API provider’s Matt Makai discusses API design, evangelism,...
by Olaf Domis Nov 30, 2016
Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson refers to the communications API provider he co-founded in 2008 as a “third-wave company”—one launched in the era of the platform. Companies like Twilio, which provides messaging... Read more
Digital Business
How Allstate's Arity and the Cleveland Clinic are changing business models
by Bryan Kirschner Nov 29, 2016
Maybe we should start calling Chi-Town “API-ville.” Apigee events in Chicago have consistently been well-attended, high-energy affairs, and our final 2016 stop on our Adapt or Die world tour was no exception... Read more

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