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by Rajesh Mishra & Nandan Sridhar Jun 07, 2018

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Digital Business
by Olaf de Senerpont Domis Jul 20, 2018
Companies that win in the digital economy share a common obsession: they're fanatical about delivering first-class digital experiences to their customers and partners. One such company is T-Mobile. We were fortunate... Read more
Digital Business
Banking Pic
by Rob Parker-Cole Jul 18, 2018
  As is the case at many large organizations, when leaders at banks form a digital vision, it’s often to become the next big banking platform — i.e., the gravitational center of an ecosystem, the... Read more
Digital Business
by Kaspar Situmorang, Bank BRI Jul 09, 2018
Editor's note: Today we hear from Kaspar Situmorang, head of digital at Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI). Bank BRI was founded in 1895 and is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Learn how Bank BRI is undergoing an... Read more
Digital Business
A look back at the articles and blog posts we published in the past quarter.
by Michael Endler Jul 09, 2018
From the nuances of managing microservices to best practices for ecosystem participation to the ways digital disruption has rippled across specific industries, a wide variety of trends and topics has been on the minds... Read more

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