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The ABCs of APIs: Basic Apigee Platform Concepts

Apr 02, 2015

Sometimes you just need some basic questions answered about APIs: What’s an API proxy? What’s a resource? How do developers, apps, and products fit together in Apigee Edge? When you understand the basic concepts, you’re better equipped to design and build your API ecosystem exactly the way you want it.

We’ve put together a modest library of bite-sized concepts videos to help you start building your Edge understanding. Here are the first five:

Learn how the API proxy—the facade that goes in front of your API—enables configurable policies, which in turn enable API security, traffic management, and analytics services.
Learn about API resources—the “children” of an API proxy. They are URL-accessible objects that exist in the back-end. Adding them to a proxy results in a dedicated flow to each resource, which expands the possibilities of actions that can be performed for that resource.

Learn about the three-step process of publishing your APIs. This is how you get your APIs into the hands of developers.
Learn about monetizing APIs. It requires the establishment of a transaction recording policy, a package for products you want to monetize, and rate plans.
Learn about the Apigee Edge interface. Create an Apigee account for access to App Services, Mobile Analytics, API Consoles, and the Edge API Platform.

















Also, don’t forget to check out our Getting Started section in the docs to learn how to create an Edge account, dive deeper into more product concepts, and get your hands dirty with tutorials.


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