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Apigee Up Close: Dynamic API Routing

Webcast replay
Feb 01, 2018

We recently launched a webcast series featuring the Apigee Edge API platform and live demos on select topics that Apigee users have been asking about. The premier webcast provided an overview of Apigee Edge and a deep dive on dynamic API routing.

Here’s a question that has been coming up now and again among Apigee users: How can you use Apigee Edge to route different API consumers to different backend servers, based on their relationship with the company?

The example of a simple employee directory service provides a good illustration. For the HR team, we should show more information about each employee. For everyone else, we should show just basic information. API consumers should receive different results depending on which API product they use.

In this webcast replay, you will learn how to:

  • Create an API so app developers can use the employee directory service in the example above
  • Keep it as simple as possible to make adoption easy
  • Easilty report on usage

In an upcoming webcast on Tues., Feb 6, we’ll explore integration with external identity management services.


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