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Apigee Edge API Services: The App Developer's Swiss Army Knife

Prabhat Jha
Feb 06, 2014

App developers care deeply about creating innovative experiences that engage users. After all, happy users are key to securing a five-star rating and a stellar reputation at your favorite app store.

To build a high quality app, developers need a number of capabilities, including core capabilities such as authentication, user management, and data storage, and advanced capabilities such as activity streams, social graphs, and push notifications. The app developer is more productive when these are conveniently available as a service (in the form of a mobile backend as a service, or mBaaS). In addition, app developers need to actively monitor their app’s usage, performance, and crashes, so they can fix issues before user satisfaction erodes.

Apigee supports the needs of app developers through Apigee Edge; specifically, Advanced API Services. The Advanced API Services dashboard provides complete visibility into all aspects of your app development, including user management, app management, performance monitoring, and reporting. This integrated approach, which starts by building your app with a single SDK, couples the key capabilities you need to build engaging experiences with the convenience of accessing it through a single dashboard.

To use Advanced API Services in Edge, log in to Apigee and select “App Services” from the drop-down menu.



From the dashboard, you can easily add support for push notifications to your mobile app, enabling you to notify your app's users with messages they care about. This could be a flash sale happening near them right now (use App Services geolocation!) or a lunch special at a favorite restaurant. You could even let a user know it's her turn in a game she's playing with a friend.



Deliver push notifications


You can set up your own cloud-based data platform in minutes instead of months–with no server-side coding or back-end development needed.


Manage data store


View data logged by your app about app errors and crashes. When your app supports this feature, data collected from logged errors and crashes is displayed in graphical form in the admin portal. Using these charts in the portal, you can track trends in your app's performance and apply fixes and performance improvements as the need arises.


Monitor app crashes and errors


Today’s apps are driven by APIs. From the dashboard, you can easily dig into API performance metrics providing visibility into how the API performance is affecting the responsiveness of your app to end users.


Monitor API performance


App developers have been excited about the results. Picovico, a developer of video editing apps,  uses Advanced App Services to debug and track the real-time performance of its mobile apps.

CalorieCount, a division of About.com that enables mobile users to search and log nutrional data, employs Apigee to diagnose and fix crashes and boost its app reviews; it describes Apigee’s solution as “elegant.”

So check it out. Sign up for Apigee Edge and start building innovative and effective apps right away. We’d love to hear what you’re building on Apigee.

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