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Apigee Product Highlight Video: SmartDocs

Mar 03, 2015

Up-to-date documentation is a critical way for developers and partners to understand the APIs that enterprises work so hard to produce. And these days, static documentation isn't enough—reducing the Time-To-First-Request (TTFR) is an important sign of engagement.

To help adoption and make it easier to maintain content, we introduced Apigee SmartDocs in 2014.

SmartDocs is detailed, method-level API documentation that's also interactive. It is generated from the formal, defined structure of an API, called an API model, and it supports WADL and Swagger 1.2. We are big fans of Swagger 2.0, and now that swagger-codegen has been updated to the 2.0 specification, SmartDocs' support of 2.0 import is imminent. This will enable you to author and maintain your API definitions using the Swagger Editor.

We built SmartDocs in part to scratch our own itch, so it drives our own API documentation. It enables our docs team to test their accuracy right from the docs they're working on. Our customer First Data has been using SmartDocs in production to create their own custom template and approach to API documentation. SmartDocs is available now in beta, and the team is working hard to graduate it to general availability as soon as possible.

For more details on SmartDocs, check out this blog post, or experience it first-hand by browsing our own docs for the Apigee Edge API.

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