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I ♥ APIs 2015 Loves Developers

Sep 30, 2015

Amazon, Hortonworks, Atlassian, Pivotal, Netflix, Verizon, and SmartBear. Want to learn how these companies build APIs, microservices, and developer communities? Want to peer into the minds of developers-turned-founders, including Mike McNeil, creator of Sails.js and CEO and co-founder of Y Combinator-backed startup Treeline, and Jakub Nesetril, founder and CEO at Apiary?

All this, plus workshops, labs, and sessions on APIs, microservices, the IoT, big data, and apps will be crammed into three days at  I ♥ APIs 2015 in San Jose, Calif., on Oct. 12-14.

If you still haven’t registered, here are five more reasons professional developers need to be at I ♥ APIs 2015:





  1. API design The API knowledge at  I ♥ APIs runs deep. Netflix’s Dan Jacobson and Swagger’s Tony Tam will share their thoughts on designing best-in-class APIs. Peter Reinhardt, CEO and co-founder at Segment, a Y Combinator-backed startup, will detail API design tradeoffs like readability, simplicity, granularity of control, and backend infrastructure costs. Apigee’s own Jeremy Whitlock will explain how to “flip the paradigm” and create design-driven APIs with Node.js and Swagger.
  2. Microservices The promise of SOA has become reality in microservices architecture, but the complexity of scaling up the number of services needed to support modern enterprise software is no easy feat. At I ♥ APIs, you can take advantage of lessons learned from real-world implementations of microservices at scale, like Amazon’s thousands of services and Verizon’s hundreds of mobile microservices.
  3. Open source The Usergrid team will explain how they architected a BaaS that scales horizontally past 10,000 requests per second while providing a flexible data model and graph database API using Cassandra and ElasticSearch. Tony Pujals, a member of the io.js evangelism working group and CTO & co-founder at Atomiq, will discuss building APIs deployed as Docker-based microservices. Darby Frey, director of platform engineering at Belly, a leading national loyalty platform, will share lessons learned in building an API layer on top of an existing SOA and will discuss the open-source tools they created to streamline the development workflow and empower their team to react to product changes quickly. Pivotol’s Kenny Bastani will teach about the new ways for Java Spring developers to quickly build and deploy REST APIs.
  4. Workshops and labs Join me for a hands-on workshop on building APIs powered by Node.js, and then build an API-powered, hybrid mobile app for iOS or Android with AngularJS and the Ionic framework. In the IoT lab, you’ll learn to build a networked security system and walk away with an IoT kit that includes a BeagleBone Black worth $75. API program managers and developer marketers can learn the secrets of attracting developers and partners to their API program in the “How to Build Successful Developer Programs” masterclass, or learn from other "digital doers" in the "Getting **it Done: Apply Agile, Test-driven Techniques to Delivering on your API Initiative" workshops.
  5. The IoT Check out what the future is made of at the IoT showcase. Who needs Soylent when Sereneti Kitchen is bringing us Cooki, a robotic chef capable of preparing delicious meals? Why buy your next pair of glasses when you can print them with the Autodesk Spark open and connected 3D printing platform? When you visit the Spark booth, you’ll get exclusive access to the Spark API beta program and be a part of developing the future of 3D printing.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, then maybe lunch grub from 12 food trucks, networking, and fun at the two conference parties (Monday and Tuesday evenings)—and $400 off your ticket to the developer forum when you register using the code API-95 will make the decision an easy one.

See you there!


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