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Integrate Apigee Push Notifications by June 30 to win 200M+ Free Pushes

Jun 26, 2013

We just released enterprise-class Push Notifications this month (sign up and try them today — or go directly to the Admin Portal if you already have an Apigee account).  We’ve been amazed by the community’s reception so far. We’ve heard from large companies, who were thrilled to finally have an enterprise-ready push solution for their apps; and from small users who enjoyed our ample quota of 10M free pushes a month.

We love it, you love it, and it’s about to get even better!

Today we’re happy to announce a limited-time contest where everybody is a winner. The rules are simple: you have to send at least one push notification to a device of your choice with Apigee Push before June 30 11:59pm Pacific time. You can integrate an existing app, a new app, an empty app, a sample app, etc. — anything’s good! — and your app can be either a native iOS app, a native Android app or an HTML5/PhoneGap app.

If you complete this step and notify us by email with your organization/company name at help@apigee.com by June 30, we will give you 10M more pushes a month for free for the next 12 months (on top of the free quota of 10M/month): that’s almost a quarter billion free pushes for your apps this year — and savings of over $18,000/month compared to other providers.

Need a jump start?

We’ve prepared the following short instructional videos to show you exactly how to integrate Apigee Push into a new sample app, whether you are building an HTML5 app, a native iOS app, or a native Android app — see below!

You can of course also follow our written tutorials from the docs site. If you have any questions or problems meeting the deadline, let us know at help@apigee.com.

Android Native Tutorial

Push Notifications: Android Native Tutorial from Apigee on Vimeo.

Apple/iOS Native Tutorial

Push Notifications: Apple/iOS Native Tutorial from Apigee on Vimeo.

Android PhoneGap Tutorial

Push Notifications: Android PhoneGap Tutorial from Apigee on Vimeo.

Apple/iOS PhoneGap Tutorial

Push Notifications: Apple/iOS PhoneGap Tutorial from Apigee on Vimeo.

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