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Integrate your Slack with Swagger

Sep 01, 2015

Slack, one of the hottest startups today, is a messaging app for team communication. One reason Slack is so popular is because so many external services, like GitHub, Google Drive, Heroku, Jira, and many others, come as out-of-the-box integrations. But one exceptionally nice feature is how easy it is to create your own custom functionality.

Today, we’ll walk you through creating your own Slack integration using swagger-node, which makes it easy to build, validate, and test an API project locally using Swagger and Node.js. You can later deploy the project to any cloud platform that supports Node.js. In this case, we’ll create an API to fetch a stock quote, which will then be posted directly into a Slack team conversation, using what Slack calls an “Incoming WebHook” integration.

To learn more, read "Integrate your Slack with Swagger," published on Swagger's blog.

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