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Node.js General Availability: Build Your Enterprise Apps & APIs

Apigee Product Team
Feb 11, 2014

We’re pleased to announce that support for Apigee Edge node.js is now generally available. This GA release enables our customers to confidently leverage node.js in conjunction with Apigee Edge in production use cases.

Node.js is quickly becoming the next programming language after Java to be fully embraced by the enterprise. APIs and API-first design has also become the cornerstone of leading enterprises’ digital transformation strategies. Apigee unites these technological and architectural trends by providing an API platform that runs node.js natively. Apigee’s node.js support facilitates enterprise adoption of the programming language in an API-first manner.

Enterprise use cases

Let’s look at some of the use cases our customers are already exploring or implementing using node.js and Apigee.

A new back-end service

A global retailer needed to build a new back-end service and expose it to customers. Leveraging node.js for the business layer and Apigee’s Advanced API Services (our mobile BaaS solution) for managing the data and relations, this retailer quickly and effectively addressed this set of requirements.

A common platform with customization capabilities for partners

A large marketing and ad optimization technology firm wanted to use a common platform while providing customization capabilities to each of its partners. The firm used node.js to enable the customization for partners, who can add logic and capabilities according to their needs while still leveraging the technology firm’s common platform. The technology firm provided a common solution to its partners without having to develop one-off solutions or siloed products.

A secure, scalable, customizable backend consumable by mobile and web apps

A European retailer wanted to build out a secure, scalable, customizable backend that could be consumed by mobile and web apps. Using node.js, this retailer has built its dynamic business logic in a robust and scalable manner. Applying the node.js solution in conjunction with Apigee Edge, the retailer’s APIs leveraged the caching, security, and mobile optimization capabilities to provide a secure, flexible, and scalable solution.

These examples represent just a few of the business scenarios our users have already engaged in. Prior to the GA release, over 150 customer developers have undertaken node.js development activities, each building several new APIs and back-end services with the Apigee node.js solution. What solutions can you build with node.js and Apigee today?

New features and capabilities

Apigee Edge runs Trireme, Apigee’s own open-source node.js container built for Java. Trireme is generally compatible with any other native Node.js distribution. Most node packaged modules (NPMs) available for node.js are also fully compatible with Apigee's Trireme-based Node.js container.

While solutions developed on the node.js infrastructure remain completely portable, when used in conjunction with Apigee Edge, the possible solutions are extremely powerful. Solutions built with node.js can leverage Apigee’s existing features, enabling customers to extend existing policy-based solutions or leverage Apigee's security, caching, and other features in new node.js-based proxies.

Since the beta release of Apigee’s support for node.js, several new features have been added:

  • an updated version of the Trireme container

  • improved SSL support

  • more pre-packaged node modules—Volos is open-source software that consists of node.js modules supporting: OAuth 2.0 authorization, API key validation, quota management, and caching

  • log viewing facility in the UI and through an API

  • a new user interface wizard for importing standalone Node.js apps with dependent modules

We continue to enhance our capabilities to address your business cases, so we’d love to hear your thoughts about this node.js release. Keep the feedback coming!

For more information, see previous blog posts and webcasts about node.js and Apigee product documentation.

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