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Node.js: Share Your Experience

A new Node.js Foundation survey for developers and technical leaders
Jan 13, 2016

The Node.js Foundation is launching a user experience and version adoption survey.

The Node.js Foundation is part of the Linux foundation. Its mission is to enable the widespread adoption of Node.js through an open governance model. As a Foundation partner, Apigee shares in this mission, so we’re asking you to participate.

This survey is designed primarily for developers, and secondarily, for those in technical leadership roles in companies that use Node.js. Your participation will help guide the Foundation’s investment in resources that suit your needs.

So please take 15 minutes to share your experiences with Node.js and let us know how the Foundation can help you succeed this year.

The survey is anonymous; however, you may opt to provide your company name and email address if you’re open to being contacted by the Node.js Foundation for follow-up questions. You may also provide your email address if you would like to receive a copy of the survey results.

Here again is the link to the survey. It will remain open through Jan. 26.

Thanks for helping to improve Node.js!

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