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Tutorial: Using Apigee-127 to Build APIs in Node.js & Swagger 2.0

Sep 25, 2014

Recently, we introduced Apigee-127—a toolkit of open source components for building production-grade APIs. With Apigee-127, you can design your APIs with Swagger 2.0, then implement the business logic for the API in Node.js. You can also add enterprise capabilities such as caching, quota, OAuth, and analytics to your API with Swagger vendor extensions via a project we call Volos.js: https://github.com/apigee-127/volos. Apigee-127 enables developers to build APIs locally and deploy to any PaaS or Apigee for free.

We've shot a short video tutorial explaining how to install Apigee-127 using NPM through the command line, build your API, and deploy to Apigee. We also illustrate how to install and use Usergrid locally with a few simple commands. Questions?  Hit us on http://community.apigee.com. You can also check out our docs and samples

In a future post, we'll walk you through a basic example of a Node.js API hitting a weather API and returning a result.


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